Let us be your culinary hero while you enjoy your trip!

Your one stop shop for restaurants, pubs and specialist group meals provides real peace of mind while planning itineraries in London. We cater tour groups size from 4pax to 200 pax.

The Trust

At our core, we believe in the power of trust in the foundation for strong relationships.

The Team

By combining our strengths, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone.


we negotiate with restaurants and other catering providers to arrange meals according to your requirements. We always make sure the quality of food and service provided and have a minimum food hygiene rating of 3 or above. These are the main type of group meal requirements we have.

Sitdown meals

Menus offer a wider range of dishes compared to fast food, often featuring multiple courses designed to complement each other.

Packed meals

Packed meals delivered to Heathow airport, London Gatwick airport and St Pancras International railway station.

Catering services

Catering services take the stress out of feeding a crowd, offering delicious food and seamless service for both indoor and outdoor events.

Gala dinners

Gala dinners with DJs cater to a specific crowd. They're perfect for Corporate events, Fundraisers, Anniversaries and celebrations.

Our Specialities

We have special rates for all the groups with more than 10 pax. We are also able to offer 1 Tour leader FOC for any group size above 25pax.

  • Bespoke based on clients needs
  • Special rates fixed for a year
  • Guaranteed food and service quality
  • Free site visits and food tasting
  • Cater clients with special dietary needs
  • Strictly for Tour companies
Are you passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for visitors to London?

We're reaching out to esteemed restaurateurs and tour operators like yourself, who share our commitment to showcasing the best of London. We believe a strong partnership is key to providing travellers with a seamless and delightful experience.